style is to EDITORIAL DESIGN, as voice is to writing

users connect
with wordS
through design

Editorial design is how you get potential readers to end up as clients, almost as if by magic: the user connects with the word through design. Digital or printed.

The user turns the pages and finds the back cover and a text that leaves them wanting more; they turn the pages again; love at first sight; they open a book or catalogue and let themselves get immersed in the words and what they want to say. 

Editorial design is a branch of graphic design specialised in publications, such as books, magazines, catalogues, brochures, covers, infographics, newsletters and so on. It’s all about the internal and external aesthetics of these texts or contents.


  • Digital catalogues
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Infographics
  • Books



eBook design for conversion funnel

Retail Catalogue

Product catalogue design for Simón Dice. Brand accesories for parents, kids and babies

Pilates Wall Charts

12 Pilates repertoire wall chart design for studio walls.


For Mësalle printed napkins

Flyer design

KFC chef promotional flyer design, website design, restaurant menu design…


Anual report design, English and French versions

Assembly Manual Design

STOTT PILATES equipment assembly manuals

Twitter Collateral Material

Shellsheet and infographic design for Twitter employees

Book typesetting

Grief Recovery Method Manual Spanish version translated by licencees in Mexico

KFC Chef kitchen visual aids

Visual aids design for preparing food for KFC fast food restaurant.

OPSBA brochures

Public Education Asociation Symposium brochures in English and French

Poster design

For Chucherías kids’ party planners

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