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A logo is the central part of a brand identity. Brand identity is the collection of all elements that a company creates to portray the right image to its consumer. Your brand identity is what makes you instantly recognizable to your customers.

At a very basic level, a logo is a symbols made up of text and images that help us identify brands we like. But they can be so much more!  It helps customers understand what you do, who you are and what you value.

A logotype should be:

  • VERSATILE AND ADAPTABLE  Makes a lasting impression on your audience in any format, printed, digital, small or large scale. 
  • EASY TO “GET” AND REMEMBER “Less is more”. Logos create strong visual associations with a business.  Even if you have a complex message, the logo should be clear and easy to understand.


Mësalle napkins

Logo, brochure, napkin design and photography

Fertility Nutricionist

Logo and brand design for Isabel Ingelmo fertility nutritionist 

Spices and herbs

De la Cuchara a la Boca spice brand logo and packaging design

Mindfulness Coach

Logo and web design for Mindfulness coach offering private sessions

Well Insurance

Logo and corporate image design for Assured PA. 

Gin Artisan

Logo and brand design for Purificación an artisan distellery and experimental lab where visitors can mix your own gin recipe experimenting with scents and flavours

Dark Stores

Logo and corporate image design for Grids, Dark Stores company. 

Profesional Life Coach

Logo and corporate image design for Toma Momentum, professional life coach entrepeneur.

Local Chef

Logo, corporate image and website design for local chef. She also published a recipe book and currently teaches cooking.

Resin accesory designer

Logo, corporate image, website and product photography

Accounting for Health Professionals

An accounting platform for health professionals to file their own taxes and get advice on financial strategies regarding tax returns.

Jewelry Designers

Logo and website design for Goldbox Jewels, passionate certified gemologists and fine jewelry designers.

Farm to Table Products

Logo and packaging design for Jabaleón producer. They make really spice chiltepin sauces, fresh hand made tortillas and homemade pickled vegetables.

Making Life Easier for Parents

Logo, corporate image, sellsheet, catalogue design for Simón Dice. A distributor of global reknown brands for parents, kids and babies in Mexico.

Impact Investment

Logo design for Impact Investment company addressing ESG issues in North and South America

Sleep Coach

Logo and website design for certified Gentle Sleep Coach specialized in babies and toddlers. 

Marketing Agency

Logo and coporate image for Marketing in Motion. A Toronto based marketing agency offering services for small to medium businesses.

Vega Active Wear

Logo and yoga socks design for brand new active wear entrepeneur.

Language School for Business

Logo and corporate image design for Acadie. The company offers language programs for corporations to offer as work benefit.


Logo and corporate image redesign for Central Epicure smoked salmon company.

Special Needs Kids’
Therapists Group

Logo and corporate image desgin for Abante, group of health care profesionals and speech therapists for special needs kids. 

Freelance copywritter and editor

Logo and corporate image design for a brand copywritter. Writing a book on her spare time. 

Optometrist and retina specialist

Logo design for optometrist and retina specialist opening his medical practice

Bulk Food

Logo design for Pepita y Amaranto bulk food deliveries.

Get noticed by your dream customers with branding that’s unique and tailored to your business needs.


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