This obviously can be pretty subjective, it depends on the company, audience, intended message and logo design – logo effectiveness can variable dependingon the industry or business. But there are, however, four broad goals a graphic designer should aim for when working a logo:

1. Audience-appropriate

The best logos aren’t the flashiest or those with the latest trends, but those that vibrate with their target audience. Logos represent not only a company, but also the people to whom you speak to. For example, bright and basic colors like bright yellow would not be used for a funeral home logo, or only dark grays for a wedding planner.

2. Easy to read

This is particularly applies for wordmark logos (logos that consist of text only) but to every design style too. If the target audience is has to decipher what the logo means, you’ve lost them. A logo should be easily understood from just a glance.

3. Unique

A good starting inspiration point can be industry trends, but the goal of a logo is to differentiate your business from the competition. Unique = memorable

4. Scalable.

We mentioned this above, but it’s important enough to emphasize again. Your logo will be placed prominently across several channels, printed and digital and in varied sizes; because of this, the best logos are versatile logos
ones that can easily be scaled to fit any branding need you may encounter.


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